Make your next project come alive.  You will find that the design ethos of all the Titan products puts the focus on the craftsmanhip of any job - not the hardware or connectors.

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A custom 6x6 cedar pergola built on top of stone columns and capstone using the 6x6 post anchor. This beautiful job was done by Macek Custom Builders from Ohio.

A custom 6x6 cedar pergola built on top of stone columns and capstone using the 6x6 post anchor. This beautiful job was done by Macek Custom Builders from Ohio.
Beautiful rough sawn true 6" posts fit perfectly on the 6x6 post anchor and are secured to the concrete substrate within the capstone for an exquisite finished look.
A side view as you enter the backyard. Clean lines, unobtrusive fasteners and anchors compliment this classic architectural style.
Craftsmanship that stands apart from the crowd. This kind of workmanship marries beautifully with the clean minimalist design of the Titan post anchor.
These whimsical tapered newel posts are built to last in a tough coastal environment with our 316 stainless post anchor.
When you know mother nature has some tough weather in store, only the finest 316 stainless steel anchor will give you peace of mind - and pure beauty!
A wood pergola built on an open concrete slab with low profile, sturdy Titan post anchors.
The focus is on the structure, not the post connection. The Titan anchor is deep inside the post, not wrapping all around it.
The perfect pairing - Titan post anchors and Shadow rail connectors on two tone cap stock composite deck.
The Shadow rail is really amazing with all the fasteners hidden right inside it. It´s so small and when stained it becomes virtually invisible. It´s The Art of Building!
Imagine digging forty-five holes under the Florida sun. The Titan deck foot anchor saved a ton of time and money for this 1200 sqft free standing deck.
Firmly anchored to the ground and ready for a hurricane if need be. With an impact wrench all 45 footings were done in less than a day.
With footings down quickly, building the actual deck happens right away. Wait until you see how large this multi level deck is.
This job tops the list as proof positive that no deck is too big for one man to build.
The 4x4 post anchor made this 4´ cedar fence on top of a concrete retaining wall look beautiful. Looks like the fence is growing out of the concrete.
Large 6x6 posts anchored securely with our 6x6 post anchor for a spectacular view. Quick and simple to install. The low profile appearance puts the focus on nature - not on the post connection.
Deck foot anchor to the rescue. This above ground pool deck is securely connected to the surface in a fraction of the time and money that a poured concrete footing system would require.
Set on a 3" crushed stone base over grade and braced from post to beam this deck will remain stable. The stone base allows rain water to move without eroding soil beneath the deck plate.
A close up view shows the patent pending Terra-Shift sliding bolt connection system that allows for any independent seasonal movement below a given footing relieving tension and protecting the post to beam connection above.
A 6´ fence with posts spaced 6´ apart using the 6x6 Titan Post Anchor on a concrete wall. Looks great.
Close up view of cedar posts and railing with Titan Post Anchor.
Small backyard with beautifully designed deck. All railing posts are secured with the patented Titan Post Anchor.
View looking down to left side lower deck.
View looking down to front lower deck.
A cable railing using Titan Post Anchors. This railing is set at 4´ post spacing.
Corner view of the cable railing and Titan Post Anchor.
Corner post closeup view.
Cedar cable deck railing using the Shadow Rail hidden fastener rail connectors for a very neat and clean look.
The Shadow Rail connector hides the screws inside itself giving you the finest appearance you can get.
Creative cedar fence, gate and roof detail mounted on concrete
Durable galvanized and powder coated post skirts give a clean finish and protection from rain in this west coast Oregon environment.
West coast home with 6x6 post anchor and stainless covers for a gate entry.
Closer view of anchor secured to concrete with a stainless post cover skirt. The opaque gray stain softens the natural reddy tone of cedar for a perfect match with this home.