Saving a floundering pergola on stone columns project

Pergola Built on Stone Columns Abandoned by Builder & Saved by Macek Custom Builders & 6x6 Titan Post Anchor
Rick Macek of Macek Custom Builders from Holland, Ohio inherited a mess from a previous builder.  The plans called for a rough sawn 6x6 cedar post pergola set on top of 30” stone columns.
A beautiful idea and concept but no one, not the architect nor the builder had thought through the details of how these large 6x6 posts were going to be inconspicuously and firmly connected to the stone columns.
Cedar 6x6 Pergola on Titan Wood Post Anchors and masonry columns
Previous Builder Left Job Not Sure How To Finish It
The first builder got the stone columns finished but put a half effort into the cap stones and left ½” threaded rods protruding from the columns and off center.
The home owner was not pleased and was left in a lurch as the first builder left the project and Rick Macek was tasked with picking up the pieces.
He started by removing the cap stone and the rod which were not level nor centered.  He then started thinking of how he could easily connect the wood posts to the columns.

Such A Simple Fix To This Problem
He wanted something that was fairly easy to install, was not going to cost a lot of money and had some predictable performance standards behind it.  That search lead him to Titan Building Products and the patented Titan Post Anchor.
The old cap stones were removed and the cavity was filled with cement.  When the concrete had cured the post anchors were set in place exactly where the posts would be.  The holes in the anchor were used as a template to pre-drill the four corner holes for the concrete screws.

Preparing Posts For The Stone Columns
The crew got to work and installed the anchors into these beautiful large rough sawn western red cedar posts. They were then screwed firmly onto the concrete in the stone columns.
The cap stones were designed to fit around each post.  Using a 6” driver bit the concrete screws were fastened permanently locking the posts and anchors in place.
Pergola with titan wood post anchors 6x6 side view
What a difference!
This homeowner went from despair to elation.  Macek Custom Builders did a great job and left this project feeling proud.
The 6x6 Titan Post Anchor is now a reliable member of Rick's trusted products.  Just another solution available at his fingertips to help him out at the right time.
Make the Titan Post Anchor part of your arsenal.