75 years young and doing fine, Thank you!

Apparently age is no problem for this roof top deck builder and his wife
John Campbell and his wife were 76 and 71 when they took on this project.  They live in Dade County Florida and had to rebuild their roof top deck overlooking the inland canals and waterways you are probably familiar with.  John did not want to have to bolt the railing posts to the fascia of the roof line.
Roof top deck in Florida
So that lead him to an extensive search for a surface mounted wood post anchor that was neither to big and bulky nor too small and week – and that had some residential engineering testing behind it.
Helping people of all ages and skill levels succeed on their own. He wanted to be sure that if he installed it as directed, it was going to please the local inspector. We were glad he found us and it turns out the feeling was mutual.
"We're not carpenters by any means, but my wife and I did this project entirely by ourselves.  I'm 76 and she's 71 and it feels good to complete a project while adding value to our retirement home at the same time.  Anyway, I'm glad I found your product." - John Richard Campbell  
John and his wife did the job over a few days of work.   You can too!