Direct From Our Customers

We have so many testimonials for each of our products from people that have been dealing with us that it becomes a question of how best to organize it for you.  Take your time and go as deep into this as you wish.

Every single comment is from a real customer in the United States or Canada.  

"This is a wonderfully designed product with great instructions. I was decking over an old concrete patio and needed some way to anchor the railing posts that would be sturdy. It's the only one out there that seemed like it would do the job, and it did. We used it again with a regular deck because it was so easy to use. 
Thanks for making a brilliant product! "

Kristen, Canton MA

"I am very pleased to let you know the Titan Anchors were absolutely one of the best devices I have ever used. They were easy to install and my friend was extremely please as to the clean and professional look. "

Wayne Burnet, ON

"We're not carpenters by any means, but my wife and I did this project entirely by ourselves. I'm 76 and she's 71 and it feels good to complete a project while adding value to our retirement home at the same time. I'm glad I found your product."

John Richard Campbell, FLA

"System is impressive - we were telling the folks at the Pro-desk at our Home Depot about them. I love them because I don't have to look at hideous lag bolts on the face of my deck. We made some decorative trim to cover the anchors so nothing it visible! We'll certainly be ordering more next year when the other deck is replaced. "

Patty McSwain

"The Titan has it all. It's got the strength that is what you're looking for but the look is outstanding and combined with the other features I put on this railing system it was the right choice. And I'm happy about that. "

Bob Evans, Big Rideau Lake

"At first I thought this product was too expensive. However, it was well worth the money. I suspect if this was a simpson strong tie product, it would have easily been double the cost.  I think the finish was perfect. Also, I used trex post sleeves and skirts, so, it actually covered the anchor, too. If I didn't use this I would have bought the skirts available on the site. I tried to save money, and I bought the anchor only, and none of the hardware. If I could do it over, I'd have bought the hardware combo, and would have saved about 64 dollars. Oh well, live and learn. I will buy this product for my other deck, too. Lastly, I learned if you attach the base not perfectly square to the post, you just have to put the post on the side (with the anchor already hammered in, but not secured with the lag screws yet) and hit the higher corner, causing a rotational force, lining the anchor and post up perfectly."

Steven Saldutti, Hendersonville NC

"Purchased 15 mounts to finish off my deck. Installing them was quick and easy. It is the best method to mount posts to your deck. You won't be disappointed. "

Jeremy Michigan

"Great design, low visibility. Looks professional once installed. Instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow. I had several posts to install, so I setup sort of an assembly line process. Made it simple. I hammered them in to treated pine posts with a 2 1/2lb hammer. (after drilling the pilot hole first). Easy as pie! They hold very securely with no wobble. Rather than using shims (deck was fairly level already), I simply cinched down on the appropriate bolts to plumb the post. Great product. I would DEFINITELY recommend these to anyone! "

Mitch Parsons, League City TX

"These Deck Foot Anchors are great. They are easy to install and very forgiving if you need to relocate. The amount of time saved is amazing and it allows you to work alone and still get it done in short order. Highly recommend. The building inspector loved them for free standing decks. "

Dave Brioux , RI 

"Your Deck Foot Anchors are fantastic. I had about 5 of my neighbors just in awe of them when I was installing six of them yesterday.  Hardest thing was to prep and level the ground before drilling them in.  Honestly took less than 20 minutes.  Went down very straight and easy even in very thick clay soil. One of the best products I have seen. 10 out of 10. "

Ken Bacchus, Brampton ON