Manufacturing Process


Every product we make is built with care.  Whether it is our selection of raw materials like steel, or polycarbonates or the way we form, weld or mould it, we pay attention to details.  You expect it to look good and stay that way for a long time. Only then will we put our name on it.  

Our galvanization process for our formed steel anchors is done according to ISO 1461 or equivalent to ASTM A153 making it fully compatible with the ACQ treated lumber on the market today.

Molded parts like our hidden fastener railing connectors are made of the finest polycarbonate plastics sourced from the United States.  It is UV stabilized so it will look good years from now and of course, polycarbonate can handle the temperature extremes Mother Nature can dish out.

Our colored fasteners such as our black #14x3 square drive screws are zinc coated using the Magni 599 process using a dip/spin method.  It results in a 10-12 micron finish and meets the ASTM B117 Salt Spray test for 1000 hours.

Our welding is smooth and steady. Bending and forming is crisp and sharp.