Why Can’t Style and Beauty Fit Everyone’s Budget?

That’s what we asked ourselves as we thought about you, our customer. When you look around the building products marketplace you face a price reality the minute you want solutions that look better than simple utilitarian offerings.

Pay Only For What You Need

Why can’t there be a more affordable solution that still looks good, has less clutter, and has been thoughtfully and cleverly designed? For you, we developed the HomeLine.

HomeLine products are perfect for small jobs around the house that do not have to meet any particular code standard for whatever reason – and there are lots of situations like that.  Now you can get what you want, the style and aesthetics you have come to expect from Titan Building Products, without paying for more than you need.

Introducing The HomeLine Post Anchor

So for example, the HomeLine Post Anchor is our first offering in this category.  It’s the smaller, lighter weight cousin of our ProLine Post Anchor.  It’s stronger than competing plastic products, less visible, durably powder coated and intended for use on decks or surfaces less than 30” (24” in Canada) above ground. You will find a lot of things you can use this solution for.
Affordable beauty

Offer Your Customers What They Need

If you operate hardware store, a box store or any other retail store front that caters to the average everyday person who is:

Value conscious
Looking for the elegance you have come to expect from Titan
Are not looking for specific code performance

Why not consider adding the HomeLine to your product offerings?

We’re Thinking Of You Everyday

Our mission has always been to deliver solutions that look great and perform to certain standards and so we try hard to remove redundant materials, to hide fasteners, to deliver it all in a form that looks beautiful and stands out from the crowd. This is just one more way we are trying hard to please you and help you succeed.