About Titan

A Story of Humble Beginnings

Titan Building Products is proof positive that ideas are indeed powerful. They are the source of everything we experience in our physical world today. The company was nothing more than a dream in the mind of our founder for many years before it finally became a reality in 2008. Operating out of a spare bedroom and basement, we launched our first building solution, the Titan Post Anchor to the DIY and Builder communities across the United States and Canada. This product solved some big problems and eliminated a lot of frustration for people. Until then, the only choices for surface anchoring wood posts were unattractive low quality non-engineered anchors or very expensive cumbersome options. Today, we have over forty different products and growing steadily.

Our Mission

We want people of any skill level to build a deck like a pro. We want pros to have solutions that simplify their work and delight their customers. We do this by creating solutions that are elegantly designed, simple to use and that give you professional results... every time.

The Art of Building

There is a feeling of pride you experience when you build something that looks beautiful. Building can be brute labor or it can be an art form where attention to detail matters. You will find this attention in every one of our products.  Our products minimize the clutter, simplify your task, increase the longevity of your investment and are sure to delight you. This means whether you just picked up a hammer for the first time, or you are an experienced professional, you can build projects that have a distinctly clean and elegant appearance where fasteners are minimal or hidden entirely. This is where building becomes an art.

Titan is... The Art of Building.