We Love Our Dealer Partners

No matter how great any product is, a great team is needed to bring great products to the people.  There is a quote that resonates with us…

“No man is an island, entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”  – John Donne
Our future is built on your success as a local dealer.  If we can bring you products people want, we create a new income stream for you and we will grow together.

Helping You In Your Store 24/7

Take advantage of world class display merchandisers that install in minutes.

Our modular display shelving rack with motion activated video is a visual, audio and tactile experience that will engage your customers on a personal level.

It’s like having a salesman who works 24/7 for you helping to inform your customers about every product we make.

You Run Your Business!

We’ll do our best to get the customers to your check out and coming back happy. 

Adaptable To Your Product Selection

While we know you will do very well carrying all three of our products, the Post Anchor, Deck Foot Anchor and Shadow Rail Connectors we also want to work with you.  So we have display options to perfectly accommodate your preferences based on your market.

Our merchandiser can hold up to three cases of 4x4 post anchors, two cases of 6x6 post anchors, rail connectors, post skirts and installation accessories.


Explore the Titan Building Products Training Center. We offer periodic one-on-one training from our National Sales Director as well as detailed training videos you and your staff can view any time.

It is very important that we teach you and your team everything there is know about the Titan lineup.  What can they do for your customers. What can’t they do.  

We want you to know when Titan products are the best choice and be honest with your customers if they have some other intentions where another solution may well be their best bet.

No Shelf Space?  No Worries.

When you decide to offer your customers all three of our category leading products you can easily display them all. Just use our optional narrow bottom shelf.

You can stock up to 40 deck foot anchor plates under the shelf and 40 augers standing up neatly on the other side. The product presents professionally to your customers, just like you and your store.  This is truly one good looking profit center that can fit virtually anywhere in practically any store environment.

And it’s just one more example of how seriously we want you to succeed as an authorized Titan seller.